Thursday, 19 January 2017

Spreading Festive Joy

At Avanta Care we believe it's important to continue to make a difference across the local community.

Our head office team wanted to spread some festive joy to some very worthy causes over the Christmas period:

Mission Christmas is a campaign run by Radio Aire on behalf of the children’s charity Cash for Kids, to provide gifts for vulnerable children across Leeds and West Yorkshire. Last year Mission Christmas helped over 22,140 children. With poverty numbers steadily rising across the country, Mission Christmas aims to show these children that people care and want to make a difference to their lives.

Lisa Sullivan, the Mission Christmas Manager gave the following statement:

“Thank you so much for supporting Radio Aire’s Cash for Kids Mission Christmas 2016 and donating an amazing £5,000 - we are truly overwhelmed with your support. We really do appreciate your fantastic hard work and generosity in helping support local children, who are at risk of waking up to nothing on Christmas Morning. Thank you for helping Cash for Kids keep the Christmas dream alive. Together we can make such a difference to local deprived children within Leeds & West Yorkshire. Everyone here at Radio Aire’s Cash for Kids wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.”

As well as providing a luxury hamper for each of our domiciliary care service users, we have also donated to each of the following nationwide and international charities:
  • Age UK
  • Alzheimer’s Society
  • Guide dogs for the Blind
  • British Red Cross
  • Unicef
  • Oxfam
"At this time of year we tend to focus on our own family and friends and enjoying ourselves. We wanted to spare a thought for those who aren’t as fortunate or who have nothing to look forward to on what should be a very special day" said Craig Roberts, Avanta Care Business Development Manager. "We wish all our clients, candidates and friends a very, Merry Christmas."

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Looking for health care jobs?

Looking for health care jobs, then Avanta Care are here to help.

A career in health care can be one of the most rewarding and challenging careers to undertake. The health care field offers a variety of jobs across different experience levels. We offer a range of healthcare jobs from Healthcare assistants to Registered nurses.

We are renowned for our hassle free health care jobs recruitment process that cherry picks experienced, English speaking healthcare workers. Our approach is to support staff, leading to a lasting relationship with healthcare establishments and individuals that require domiciliary care.

Our exceptionally high standards make us the most recommended healthcare job employment agency on 

Benfits of working for Avanta Care:

Some of the benefits of finding health care jobs through Avanta care are as follows:

  •  We offer a personal allowance to help you through until you get your first pay
  •  We offer a wide range of vacancies throughout the UK
  •  We offer an intensive care certificate training program
  •  We offer additional holiday pay on all overtime hours worked
  •  And we offer opportunities to progress your career and learn gain qualifications

The health care jobs recruitment process can be daunting, that is why we are here to guide you through the process ensuring that you are fully prepared for the interview and what the job will entail. We don’t stop there, if required we also arrange for your accommodation and training.

The qualities that we look for in candidates that are applying for health care jobs are as follows:
We look for a friendly caring personality and the ability to relate to people for a variety of backgrounds. The ideal candidate should be sensitive and have a respectful approach to patients. You will need the ability to work on your own initiative and as part of a team. Most importantly you must have a patient nature and a sense of humour!

If this is you, we have a wide range of health care jobs available to view now Top 10 Agency Awards 2016

We are proud to announce that we are one of the winning Home Care providers in the Top 10 Agency Awards 2016 for Yorkshire and Humberside. The award was presented on Thursday 14th April.

The Top 10 Agency Awards 2016 highlights the most recommended Agencies in each region of the UK.

"I am extremely proud of the team" said Domiciliary Care manager Amanda Campbell. "It is lovely to receive recognition for the hard work and dedication the team show our service users. To be in the top 10 recommended home care providers in Yorkshire and Humberside is a huge accolade."

The Awards are based on over 4,000 Reviews by Service Users and and Family / Friends of service Users from 1st April 2015 to 1st April 2016.

Click Here to view our profile on

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Welcoming The Care Certificate

The recent introduction of The Care Certificate means there are some big changes ahead for the care sector – changes that Avanta Care feel will only help to improve the overall standard of care.

A report in July 2013 found that the preparation of healthcare assistants and social care support workers for their roles within care settings was inconsistent, and one of the recommendations was the development of the Care Certificate.

The Care Certificate builds on and replaces the Common Induction Standards (CIS) and National Minimum Training Standards (NMTS). It sets out explicitly the learning outcomes, competences and standards of care that will be expected in both sectors, ensuring that the HCSW/ASCW is caring, compassionate and provides quality care.

The Care Certificate was launched in March 2015, and came in to use on 1st April 2015.

Avanta Care Manager Jade Griffiths has welcomed the changes, stating:  “We welcome any new procedures and additional training, particularly if it means an overall improvement to healthcare in the UK.

We have been working hard for the past months to ensure our in-house training team are prepared for the change, and to ensure we can factor in the new standards to the original 8 common induction standards we previously taught.

We have created a handbook which is provided to each candidate to take to their placement and to be signed off by their manager as they progress.”

For more information on The Care Certificate visit:

Monday, 9 February 2015

Corina's journey with Avanta

Hello, my name is Corina and I have worked for Avanta Care since September 2014. 

I made the decision to work in the UK last year, after 10 years of work as a teacher. After many hours spent researching UK care providers on the internet, I decided to come with Avanta Care. I was impressed that they were considered to be the Number 1 recommended recruitment company on

When I arrived here last September, Avanta Care accommodated me at there training base in Leeds. I had an intensive one week Common Induction Standards training course, in readiness for me to begin an assignment in the UK healthcare sector.

After an interview with one of Avanta Care’s clients, I was placed in the South East of England. Avanta Care assisted me with my travel and accommodation, along with all the information I needed in order to ensure my relocation went smoothly. The whole team at Avanta Care was very supportive and no matter what the question they were happy to help.

I worked as a care assistant between September 2014 and January 2015 and it was a great time for me. I made a lot of friends at my workplace and I enjoyed every day spent there.

In January this year Avanta Care had a vacancy for an overseas recruiter, based at their head office in Leeds. I sent an application form and was accepted for an interview. They liked me and they offered me this new opportunity. I felt so proud to be accepted for the role, and excited to begin this new challenge. 

In February this year I started to work at the head office as an overseas recruiter, and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I am very grateful that I had this chance with Avanta Care, my whole life has been changed for the better since I came here.

I want to share my experience with Avanta Care and hope my story could be a source of inspiration. I can honestly say there is no better company to help achieve this dream than Avanta Care. All you have to do it is to send an application form and they will do the rest!
All the best,